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Minor Illness - Major Challenge

This website is all about managing minor illness in primary care. Every day, thousands of people across the UK ask for an urgent consultation with a health care professional. Some have no more than a concern that something might be wrong with their health, others have simple minor illnesses, and a few have major disease needing immediate action. How can health professionals cope with this major challenge?

Courses: we have designed and run our own courses in minor illness management since 1997. Our courses are regularly given five star ratings; you will learn from experienced, approachable clinicians with a wealth of knowledge in their subject, who will encourage you to ask questions. You can attend the two-day Pharmacology course or the three-day Clinical Skills course, or combine the two and then go on to complete our Nmic Minor Illness Diploma. We also have a range of e-learning courses which you can purchase via this website.

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Recognising the symptoms of serious illness

The National Minor Illness Centre - NMIC - was developed in an English NHS GP practice, and is managed by front-line health professionals. We are proud of our reputation for telling you exactly what you need to know, and only what you need to know.

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This is an educational site for health professionals. If you are seeking advice on your own symptoms, we suggest NHS Choices.

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