Just some of the thoughts about our courses.

Graham Hillman, Paramedic
"This was one of the most informative, enjoyable & well-presented courses I've been on for many years. I give this feedback as an ex-trainer myself, and I have to be honest I don't often find myself giving such 'high-praise' to many other trainers, so please do take this as the professional compliment it's intended as. Also the venue choice was lovely!"
Elena Costache, practice nurse
"Best and most useful course I've attended. Loved the enthusiasm, passion and dedication of the tutors. Incredible knowledge and happy to share their experiences. Amazing!!! Thank you "
Scott Spilsbury, nurse
"Such an amazing course. I can’t believe how much I have learnt in 5 days. It will absolutely improve my confidence and clinical practice to ensure patients safety and outcomes. The course leaders/lecturers were extremely knowledgeable, and that is an understatement! They made the learning enjoyable, practical and very applicable / relatable to practice. Thank you! "
Hannah Littler, registered adult nurse
"Best training I have ever been on. Regular breaks help with concentration. Sharing own experiences with attendees helps with nerves. Extremely experienced + thoughtful tutors. Also excellent book!"
Carley Moore, Oxford
"I was absolutely over the moon with the lovely comments that Ian and Gina gave on my written assignments and that gave me a huge confidence boost to get the clinic to where it is now! I have loved ever moment of it and would gladly do it all over again! I hadn't done anything vaguely academic for at least 10 years - and I was never any good at it - but with Ian and Gina's advice and guidance I stopped being overwhelmed and thought - I can do this!"
Penny Dougan - Senior Practice Teacher, Birmingham
"In Birmingham we utilised the eLearning minor illness as we wanted to equip our health visitors with the confidence and knowledge to enable them to advise families safely and effectively. We hope that this will empower families to access the appropriate level of service when necessary. This also links in to the D.O.H. High Impact Measure around minor illnesses. Our health visitors have reported enjoying the training and have found it of great value especially those that are not paediatric trained. I would recommend this as a really effective and cost efficient way of rolling out training and the service from NMIC has been superb."
General Practitioner
"I am going to approach the medicines management team with some of the information, and inform them of some of the links I have gleaned from this module. I am going to suggest all my GP partners and ANPs do this e-learning as part of their appraisal. I am going to use some of the links to inform Triage eg the STI in Primary Care document - brilliant resource!!"
Zoe Garbould, School nurse
"Thank you for putting together such a motivating, interesting and inspiring course. I have thoroughly enjoyed every session, and really feel I have gained abundantly from attending. Gina and Ian, you are really amazing people and I feel that your passion for delivering the best care is so evident and truly inspirational."
Sally Horton, Practice nurse - Nottingham
"Presentations were superb. Gina was incredibly enthusiastic and knowledgeable, having researched what seems to be every aspect of her seminars. Highly enjoyable."
Julie Newman - Walsall
"Meeting the course co-ordinators on our initial week has given the course an informal and intimate line of education, while it has maintained a very high professional standard. I think it has probably been the best course of study I have ever undertaken. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved for making this an inspiring and enlightening experience"
Sally Hornsby - Wisbech
"Amazing lecture. Wish I had been taught that at the beginning of my career. A difficult subject taught very easily (Pharmacology). Despite all the brilliant reviews, it (the course) still managed to exceed my expectations"
Marie Rouse - Ely
"Really informative. Has blown a lot of advice I have been giving for years out of the water. But at the same time has given me confidence and assurance that future advice I give will be current and evidence based (Clinical Skills). Very good hosts - I felt well looked after and supported " 
Amira Obeid - Advanced Nurse Practitioner
"This is an excellent course. It acts as a springboard for the novice to enter into autonomous minor illness practice and for more experienced clinicians it can act as a master class…… I would recommend this course to all clinicians wishing to develop real mastery in the field of minor illness management." 
Mark Daniel, Emergency Care Practitioner, Shefford
"Every day was a very useful learning experience. Any ECP or ENP should be advised to attend this course." 
Shirley Berry, Colchester Walk-in Centre
"We are made to feel that our contribution, as nurses, to the management of minor illness is valued. I love Gina's teaching style - her wealth of experience is evident with the ease with which she delivers her presentation. And Ian has made a complex procedure (communication) appear very simple and much less daunting to attempt."
Michelle Elliot, Luton
"Pharmacology all seemed so simple and logical, everything just seemed to make sense."
Alison Thompson, Suffolk
"Motivating, informative, interesting and thought provoking."
Rachel Hall, Conwy
"Very well organised, very comprehensive. Absolutely excellent!!"
Deborah Todd, Northampton
"I feel as if a light has been switched on."
Julie Friend, Suffolk
"Excellent, brilliant presentation."
Clare Saunders, Bedford
"This is the best course I have ever attended."