Pharmacology Course

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Seminar Dates
Forest Centre, Bedford Thursday 10/02/2022 - Friday 11/02/2022 Full, with a waiting list
Forest Centre, Bedford Thursday 17/03/2022 - Friday 18/03/2022 Places available
Forest Centre, Bedford Thursday 28/04/2022 - Friday 29/04/2022 Places available
Forest Centre, Bedford Thursday 26/05/2022 - Friday 27/05/2022 Places available

Course Price - £370 - Book Now

Tutor: Dr Ian Hill-Smith

This two-day course runs from Thursday to Friday and comprises seminars on the pharmacology and research evidence relevant to minor illness management. Assuming no prior knowledge, Ian explains the basic principles of pharmacology in a way that will inspire and intrigue.

  • How drugs work
  • The ins and outs of pills and potions
  • How to write a perfect prescription
  • Using drugs in clinical practice
  • Evidence Based Practice
  • Accreditation requirements (for those doing the six-month course)

Students are provided with a USB stick of lecture notes and resource materials. Buffet lunch, snacks and drinks will be supplied each day.

Suitable for: nurses and paramedics working in primary care or A&E. 

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