Little Book of Red Flags
Recognising the symptoms of serious illness

Author: Gina Johnson, Ian Hill-Smith
Paperback: 96 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1079290677

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An ability to recognise symptoms of serious illness is essential for all front-line professionals in health care. Presented here are the red flag indicators of major disease in need of urgent intervention and the amber flag warnings of a need for urgent assessment. Each is linked to a reason why intervention is required, to aid understanding and recall. The NMIC Little Book of Red Flags is a practical handbook to help early diagnosis of life-threatening conditions. Its companion book (Plain English edition) has simple pages which are designed to be shown to people who are asking for advice about common illnesses, to identify those who need an assessment by a health care professional. It provides a quick and simple way to identify situations where self care is not a safe option. Examples of settings in which it may be useful include triage, the counters of community pharmacies and the reception desks of GP practices. Or a page could be shown to a patient during a consultation.

For example, most children with chickenpox do not need to see a health professional, but some need anti-viral medicines and others are at risk of serious complications. Simply showing the parent the relevant page from this book will make sure that these special situations are not missed. The book layout is deceptively simple, using bullet points. Its ring binding means that a single page, relevant to the problem, can be shown. Its companion book, the Clinician Edition of The Little Book of Red Flags gives more information about the reasons behind our advice and the urgency of the assessment or referral.