Clinical Skills Course

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Seminar Dates
Forest Centre, Bedford Monday 20/06/2022 - Wednesday 22/06/2022 Places available
Forest Centre, Bedford Monday 11/07/2022 - Wednesday 13/07/2022 Places available
Forest Centre, Bedford Monday 19/09/2022 - Wednesday 21/09/2022 Places available
Forest Centre, Bedford Monday 24/10/2022 - Wednesday 26/10/2022 Places available
Forest Centre, Bedford Monday 21/11/2022 - Wednesday 23/11/2022 Places available

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Tutors: Dr Gina Johnson, Dr Ian Hill-Smith

This three-day course runs from Monday to Wednesday and comprises seminars on the assessment and management of minor illness. Practical, focussed and intensive, it covers all the important facts.

  • Introduction
  • Minor Illness Management for Non-Doctors
  • Sore throat, earache and cough
  • UTI, D&V and musculoskeletal pain
  • Rashes and mouth problems
  • Infections and antibiotics
  • Communication and change management

Six months free access to the members' section of our website is available to students attending this course. Students are provided with a copy of the Minor Illness Manual, and a USB stick of lecture notes and resource materials are included. Buffet lunch, snacks and drinks will be provided each day. Although we do not have capacity to cover examination techniques in any detail, students will be given some useful tips on the subject and access to an online learning resource. On the first day, please bring a stethoscope and also an otoscope if you are not confident about examining the ear.

Suitable for: nurses, paramedics, pharmacists and physician associates working in primary care or A&E.

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